Things to Consider When Choosing a Crane Truck Hire on the Gold Coast

Hiring a crane isn’t an everyday need. You would only need to hire a crane for those bulky and awkward items that can’t be wheeled or lifted onto a flatbed for transportation by an ordinary forklift. These loads are usually heavy machinery or very heavy loose loads that are so heavy that they have to be put on the transport individually or in small batches. That’s where a crane fitted flatbed is necessary. We at Mick’s Towing Service have a fleet of these heavy duty vehicles and offer affordable, professional, and experienced crane truck hire on the Gold Coast. So, if you are in need of a crane truck hire, here are a few things to consider:

  1. If the load you want transported can’t be put on to a flatbed truck by conventional means because of its size or weight, then you will need to hire a crane.
  2. Crane fitted transports come in different sizes. Not only is the payload of the flatbed to be considered, but also the lifting capacity of the crane itself. Be careful to contract the correct type and load capacity crane. Size and capacity are taken into consideration when quotes or estimates are offered.
  3. Not only should the payload to be transported be considered, but destination too. Most transport companies, whether light or heavy goods, have a pricing range that includes the distance that the goods are to be taken. Make sure you get the best deal in regards goods and distance.
  4. Only contract the services of a crane truck hire with a reputable company, Youi need a firm that has many years of experience under their belt. Loading and unloading, heavy, bulky, and sometimes dangerous goods, needs care. Only accept the services of a crane truck hire company that has trained, qualified, and licensed crane operators. These experienced operators also know how best to secure the loads. In these type of moves, safety of the people involved must take first priority.

Need a Crane Truck Hire?

Mick’s Towing Services have been in the business for over 30 years, serving the needs of those who need heavy goods moved safely and efficiently. We do all types of heavy moving and transport. If you have anything to transport, whether it is difficult, unusual, unwieldy or just bloody big, talk to us first, we’re versatile and love a challenge. We also offer more than just crane truck hire on the Gold Coast, such as towingheavy towingVehicle Salvage and Recovery ServiceShipping Containers Transport and other transport services around the Gold Coast.