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Is your bus sitting in the depot, refusing to start? Got a work truck that’s stranded on the side of the road? You’ve clicked on the right page! At Mick’s Towing Service, we provide 24/7 heavy towing services for commercial and civil clients throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW. Although there are many options for relocating inoperable heavy vehicles, one of the best options is a super tilt. Our super tilt can transport a wide range of large vehicles and items, including busses, containers, machinery, drill rigs, paving machines and much more. Simply put, we’ll make light work of your heavy towing requirements.

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Heavy Towing — Tow Truck Provider in the Gold Coast

When do I need Heavy Towing?

Not sure when heavy towing is required? Below are some examples of when heavy towing is the appropriate solution:
  • If you’ve purchased a heavy machine that needs to be picked up & delivered
  • If you need heavy machinery transported from one site to another
  • If you need the heavy machine transported to the workshop for repairs
  • If you’re selling a heavy machine & need it transported to its new home
If your circumstance ticks one of these boxes or you have another reason, call us on 0411 715 630 or fill out our online quote form. We are your comprehensive heavy towing solution.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A super tilt is a huge tilt tray that’s towed behind a hefty primary mover. Wider and longer than a standard tilt tray, the super tilt is specifically designed to carry bigger vehicles. The super tilt that Mick’s Towing uses measures a staggering 48ft! Designed with two decks (the top one measures 4m x 2.5m and the lower one measures 10.5m), the super tilt can be safely used to hold vehicles that lesser tilts just can’t handle.
The super tilt we use is capable of carrying up to 32 tonnes, with a spread of up to 3.5m.

Perfect for buses, machinery and trucks, a super tilt can also carry paving machines, 20′ and 40′ trucks, 12m site sheds and drill rigs.

Yes! If you are the driver of a larger vehicle that’s broken down and it can’t be repaired where it is, our super tilt can pick it up from the roadside.