What To Expect From A Towing Service

Have you been looking for Towing services on the Gold Coast? There is a fair bit of choice, but very few are very vocal about what exactly to expect from their towing service. If you are wondering what to expect from your towing service, then here is what our team at Mick’s Towing Service has to say about it.

Table of Contents

Towing With or Without Your Wheels Turning

If you have a vehicle with a great stick, then a tow truck with a hook or a lift may turn up. One end of your car will be lifted aloft, and your car will be towed. If you have an automatic car, then your car cannot be wheeled, even in neutral because it will damage your car. In that case, some sort of flatbed truck will turn up. Your car will be pulled up onto the truck and transported off the ground.

Tightly Secured on a Flat Bed

Even in high winds, a professional car company will not lose your car. You may worry that your very expensive car is going to fall off the truck, but it takes a great deal of negligence and poor quality driving to damage a car that is on a flatbed truck. Still, the car will be correctly secured and strapped down to ensure there is no chance at all that your vehicle will be damaged.

Taking You Where You Need to Go

Some towing services will only take your vehicle to certain service stations or will only travel certain distances. However, others will travel across the country with your car. The difference usually sits within the realms of regular tow trucks and emergency tow trucks. If you were to book a tow truck, then you could probably arrange a long-distance journey in advance. However, if you were to require a towing service during an emergency, like a breakdown, then your options are a little more limited.

You Cannot Get Them to Tow Stranger’s Cars

Let’s say you put up a sign in front of your house, or even in the car park that you own, and the sign says “Parked cars will be towed.” Somebody comes along and parks there, so you call a tow service. The fact is that a tow service has no legal right to tow a car without the express permission of its owner.

Conclusion – How Expensive Does it Get?

We cannot speak for the other towing services on the Gold Coast, but towing isn’t that expensive these days. Even our biggest trucks at Mick’s Towing Service are reasonably priced. Get in touch with us for a quote, you will be pleasantly surprised.