About Us

A Professional Family Owned & Operated Towing Company on the Gold Coast

Being a Locally Owned and Family Operated business, Michael the owner of Mick’s Towing Service has a foot print in the Industry on the Gold Coast for over 30 years.  We are dedicated in offering a quality service at all times providing prompt, reliable, competitive and affordable transport or towing of vehicles and machinery up to 25 ton. 

Servicing South East Queensland including the Gold Coast, Hinterland and Brisbane. Each Truck is Fully Equipped to ensure the safe and secure transportation of each load and is operated by experienced, fully trained drivers. All Drivers are trained in the latest legislation for Load Restraint and Chain of Responsibility. 

All of our trucks are fully insured and have Load Insurance, Public Liability & Product Insurances for your peace of mind. With a variety of different size trucks we are able to Dispatch the right size truck to suite your job where possible.

Our Trucks are Licensed for accidents and we service all the Insurance Companies and most Repair shops on the Gold Coast. 

Our licensed holding yard is located at 12 Ryecroft St Carrara Qld 4211


Our fleet consists of:
  • 7 x Tilt Tray Tow Trucks from 4 ton up to 11 ton
  • 1 x GW Prime Mover with the Super Tilt Trailer up to 32ton – Spread to 3.5metres
  • 1 x Volvo Prime Mover with the Low Loader Tri Axle up to 25ton – Spread Trailer to 3.5metres
  • Iveco Crane Truck with a Palfinger 23500kg Crane
  • 2 x Toyota Hilux Workmate Steel Tray Utes (300kg capacity Tailgate lifter)
  • 1 x F350 Wheel Lift Chase Truck

Mick’s Towing is the only one to call if you need a Gold Coast Tow Truck and Reliable Transport Company.  

Need a Tow, Call us on 0411 715 630


Towing FAQ

Do you just tow cars?

No. Of course, we tow cars and other family vehicles, but we aren’t limited to that. We tow all sorts of vehicles. Heavy duty trucks and other types of heavy machinery, whether mobile or not aren’t a problem for us as we have an extensive fleet of towing and transportation vehicles that are fit for all purposes. We’ll take caravans, containers, or even a helicopter, if you have one!

What other services do you offer?

We offer salvage and recovery for those vehicles that are so damaged that conventional means of towing won’t work. We are also licensed to recover vehicles that have gone off the road into ravines, rivers, bogs, and soft sand patches. In other words, places that are inaccessible to other types of towing equipment.

Can you take away my old car?

Yes, no problem. We run a free service for those vehicles that aren’t fit to be repaired. We understand that you might want to scrap your too-damaged car or just get rid of an old one because it is taking up space.

Do you do site inspections if required?

Yes, our Team do site inspections within our local vicinity if required.

Which areas do you service?

We service all the Gold Coast & Brisbane areas.

Do you offer same day towing?

Yes, we offer same day towing.

Do you tow machinery?

Yes, we tow all types of machinery.

What weight Machinery can you carry up to?

We can carry from 4ton on our Tilt Trays up to 34ton on our Quad axle Spread Super Tilt Trailer, and 24ton on our Drop Deck Tri Spread Trailer.

Am I able to travel in the truck while my vehicle is being towed?

Yes, we can safely take 2 passengers in the truck.

How do I pay the driver?

Our trucks accept cash or card facilities are available over the phone.

If my vehicle is low, can you still Tow it?

Yes, low vehicles are not an issue. The truck has loading ramps available, we take the utmost care to ensure it is loaded safely without damage.