What You Need to Know about Heavy Towing

Most people don’t need a heavy towing service, but those that do, should know what it involves and what limitations it holds. Luckily, there aren’t many limitations. Anybody that needs to move heavy machinery that isn’t mobile, in agriculture, industry or construction, will need the services of a heavy towing company at some time to move equipment that can’t be driven on the roads to the desired location. 

The reasons for this are various. Some mobile heavy equipment may be too slow and take too much time to get to their destination. Some are too bulky and awkward to be moved under their own steam. Some aren’t designed to be mobile. Sometimes it is just heavy loads that need heavy duty transportation. Whatever your moving or towing problem is, we at Mick’s Towing Service on the Gold Coast have the solution to your problem. Here’s what you need to know about heavy towing.

  • First of all, we are talking about a weight capacity of up to 25 tonnes. No ordinary commercial vehicle, not even heavy duty 18-wheelers, have the power to haul loads of that weight. The heavy towing vehicles that we use are especially constructed to bear such cargoes. 
  • Some heavy duty equipment such as used in the construction industry, for example, are themselves mobile, but slow and potentially hazardous to move on open roads. These can be driven on to a flatbed transportation vehicle to be moved back to their depot or on to another site, but some equipment needs to be lifted. That’s when you need the services of a heavy towing firm. Our transportation vehicles are equipped with powerful booms that can safely lift and place heavy equipment.
  • Heavy towing isn’t just confined to commercial equipment. Some moving problems aren’t about weight capacity, but because they are awkward or bulky loads that can’t be transported by conventional means. An example of this are portable buildings or buildings that are being moved entirely as one piece from one location to the next. Or caravans that are too big to be hauled safely along public roads.
  • Along with the heavy towing transportation come the drivers and personnel that are trained and experienced in lifting, placing, and securing heavy loads. They are also trained in safe driving practises because of the heavy and potentially dangerous loads they may carry. 

Heavy Towing R Us!

You name it and we at Mick’s Towing Service have probably hauled it with our Super Tilt. Heavy towing is our meat and drink. Don’t be shy, tell us what you need moved, we love a challenge! For more information on our towing services on the Gold Coast, contact us through our message page or give us a call.