Is Towing Covered by Insurance?

Gold Coast Vintage Ute Towing

Who covers your car should be a concern for every driver in Australia. You might think that your insurance company will fully cover you for any problems that occur while you are driving, but sometimes you don’t have the right insurance, and when you need a tow truck on the Gold Coast you might not… [Read More]

Delivery Ute

Mick’s Towing Service have 2 x Delivery Utes equipped with a 300kg Tailgate lifter. These Utes are great for delivering smaller items to site and getting into tight areas. We get it done on time and reliably, going the extra distance to ensure your business projects and professional image leaves a positive impression. Some of the Services we… [Read More]

Drag Racing Crashes

Mick’s Towing Service has hauled enough wrecks off of the track to know that drag racing is not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of things that can cause drag car crashes. Something as simple as a broken bolt or small error by the pit crew can spell disaster for a drag… [Read More]

Welcome to Mick’s Towing Blog

Welcome to Mick’s Towing Blog! If you’ve ever spent time wondering what it’s like to load up and care for a giant crocodile one day and a helicopter the next then you are in the right place. There are a myriad of events happening in the towing industry and this blog will explore them all…. [Read More]