Avoid Summer Breakdowns with These Tips

When you need a tow truck on the Gold Coast, the experts at Mick’s Towing Service are here to help. But it’s better to prevent needing a tow in the first place. In summer, when the weather heats up, you could face certain complications. For that reason, there are some things you should do before and during summer to prevent your car from breaking down. Here’s what to do. 

Check the Fluid Levels

Just like it’s vital to be sure that your body is well hydrated during summer, you need to make sure your car is filled with the right amount of fluids. Check the oil and transmission fluid levels, as well as your levels of coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and washer fluid. Each of these are important for proper function of your vehicle as the summer heat can evaporate them faster so it’s a good idea to check them often when it’s hot outside. 

Prevent Overheating

When your car overheats, it damages the engine and could leave you broken down somewhere. In this case, simply preventing the problem can save you a lot of time and money. Replace your antifreeze at the beginning of the summer and make sure the levels are topped off all the time. If appropriate for your automobile, you may also want to add coolant to the radiator itself to keep the temperature down. 

Properly Inflate Tyres

When your tyres are properly inflated, you get better gas mileage, the tyres last longer and you increase the risk of a blowout. That means you’re a lot safer on the road with tyres that are at the right air levels. Check them regularly and add air as needed to be sure you never find yourself dealing with a breakdown. 

Inspect Belts and Hoses

Other components to check are all the belts and hoses inside your car. If these degrade, break or malfunction, you could find yourself stranded. Worn or loose belts can lead to your engine overheating so look at them often. You’re checking for hoses that are cracked or leaking, corroded connections, and those that are very hard or very soft to the touch. 

Upgrade Your Engine Oil

Switching to high performance motor oil is another easy way to prevent a breakdown. These higher quality oils disperse the heat faster, cutting down on the risk of overheating and breaking down. 

If you ever do find yourself broken down, call Mick’s Towing Service on 0411 715 630 today for a towing quote.