Types Of Towing Services And Their Uses

When a vehicle becomes immobile due to a breakdown, accident or mechanical failure, towing services come into play to provide a safe and efficient solution. These services are designed to transport the immobilised vehicle from one location to another, typically a mechanics or home. Apart from emergency breakdowns and accidents, towing services also assist in other scenarios such as illegal parking, repossession and vehicle transportation across cities or states. 

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Tow Truck Lifting A Red Car

Different Types Of Towing Services

There is a broad spectrum of towing services available and the choice of service depends heavily on the situation and the type of vehicle involved.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing utilises a truck or trailer with a flat platform or bed. The bed is hydraulically operated to move to ground level, allowing the vehicle to be either driven or winched onto the truck. This towing method ensures that all wheels of the towed vehicle are off the ground, providing a safe transportation method for all kinds of vehicles, especially:

  • Luxury vehicles that need extra care and prevention from wear and tear
  • Vehicles involved in a severe accident that are not drivable
  • Motorcycles which cannot be safely towed with traditional tow trucks

Wheel-Lift Towing

Wheel-lift towing employs a mechanism that lifts one end of the vehicle off the ground. A hydraulic dolly or a metal yoke is fitted either to the front or rear wheels and the vehicle is then lifted, leaving two wheels on the ground. This method is highly efficient for:

  • Vehicles that are parked in tight spaces where other towing methods are not feasible
  • Short-distance towing where the condition of the vehicle allows for two wheels to remain on the ground

Hook And Chain Towing

This method uses hooks and chains that are attached to the vehicle and then lifted by a boom winch. Although this method is less popular today due to potential damage to the vehicle, it is still useful in specific situations:

  • Towing vehicles that are severely damaged or are considered junk
  • Towing vehicles that have missing wheels and cannot be towed using other methods

Integrated Towing

Integrated towing is typically reserved for heavy-duty purposes. These tow trucks have extra axles for better stability and strength, with arms that are more embedded into the truck. They provide superior strength and balance, making them suitable for:

  • Transporting larger vehicles such as lorries, trucks and other commercial vehicles
  • Towing vehicles that are involved in substantial accidents

Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycle towing requires specialised techniques and equipment. A flatbed truck is often utilised, equipped with fixtures designed explicitly for securing motorcycles. This method is useful for:

  • Transporting motorcycles over long distances without wear and tear
  • Towing motorcycles that have broken down or been involved in accidents

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy-duty towing is used to tow large vehicles such as buses, trucks or trailers. Heavy-duty tow trucks are designed to handle the size and weight of these vehicles and are typically used for:

  • Towing heavy commercial vehicles or large recreational vehicles
  • Recovering vehicles that have been involved in major road incidents

Choosing The Right Type Of Towing Services

The choice of towing service depends on the situation at hand and the type of vehicle. For example, flatbed towing is generally the safest and most secure option but may not be feasible in tight spaces where wheel-lift towing might be more suitable. Heavy-duty or integrated towing is required for larger vehicles or those involved in serious accidents.

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