Site Shed Transport

IMG_3312Entrust the safe pickup, transport and delivery of your Site Shed to Mick’s Towing Service. Mick’s Towing’s reliable fleet of 7 Tilt Tray trucks are outfitted to move up to   


12 metre Site Sheds. The Nissan UD Prime Mover is equipped with a Drop Deck Tri Spread Trailer that can carry Site Sheds up to 12 metrs. Mick’s Towing Service can also transport Water Tanks, Lunchrooms, Toilet Blocks, Portable Toilets and 20′ Containers.

Offering an affordable Site Shed Transport options.  Trucks are have a hydraulic ram so the Containers or Site Sheds do not shake when they are unloaded. This reduces the chance of any contents being damaged. Peace of mind is guaranteed with Mick’s fleet of vehicles, which are fully insured with load insurance, product insurance and public liability.

With nearly 29 years of experience repairing and towing vehicles, owner Michael Schaper leads a trained team of moving experts who are fully qualified and experienced in Portable Building Transport. Mick’s Towing Service supervises every detail from hook-up through transport to delivery. Your site shed never be left on the side of the road. All containers or sited sheds are offloaded to the owner’s specifications. You can rest assured knowing that Mick’s Towing Service will deliver the building exactly where you need it.

To obtain a free quote or to discuss the logistics of transporting Site Shed or Container Brisbane or the Gold Coast region, contact Mick’s Towing Coordinator at 0411 715 630.

Transport of Site Shed

Site Shed – Oversize

Site Shed Transport

Site Shed Transport up to 12 metres


Site Sheds on Semi .JPG

Site Sheds on Semi