Can Towing Damage Your Car?

Now and then, we need a helping hand. However, a helping hand can do more harm than good when a car breakdown occurs, even if it is well-intended.

Breakdowns can be highly stressful and dangerous. Your top priority will be to get your vehicle and you to a safe spot, so it may seem almost unthinkable that a tow vehicle could cause further damage to your car. Because of this, you need to choose a towing company you can trust, such as Mick’s Towing Service.

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Trust the professionals

Needing a tow for your car is never a great experience, no matter what the reason. If the towing itself causes further damage to the vehicle, it will surely go from bad to worse. Car owners often worry about this, but in reality, while your car can be damaged, the chances are slim. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let your guard down completely, and keeping an eye out for potential risks is always a smart move.

Towing companies handle the majority of towed vehicles, and they are usually fully certified and insured. In addition to being fully trained in the tow truck operator’s vehicle, they are also comfortable assessing your car’s towing needs. Although nowadays flatbed towing is standard practice, it wasn’t always the case. Tow truck operators typically rolled a stalled vehicle to its next destination by engaging the wheels. A tow of this kind will most likely result in damage.

When leaving the task to the professionals, you won’t have to worry about towing a vehicle.

Take photos, read the paperwork

Before towing, it is essential to take pictures of your vehicle to demonstrate its current condition. Additionally, read all documents before signing them: a disreputable or unreliable tower could impose unexpected charges. Some contracts may stipulate that the company is not responsible for any further damages they cause. A car wrecked in an accident will have a greater chance of being damaged if loaded onto a truck or transported. We at Mick’s Towing are committed to helping you out whenever you need it.

Make it Mick’s

Mick’s Towing Service has been locally owned and operated for over 30 years and is a family run business serving the residents of the Gold Coast and beyond. Towing and transport services up to 25 tons are offered by us promptly, reliably, competitively and at an affordable price.

We offer comprehensive service to South East Queensland, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Hinterland. All of our trucks are equipped with everything necessary for your vehicle’s safe and smooth delivery and operated by experienced, fully trained drivers. We train every driver in the latest regulations regarding load restraint and chain of responsibility.

Each of our trucks is insured and carries Public Liability, Load Insurance and Product Insurance to provide clients with peace of mind. As we have a variety of different sized trucks, we can dispatch the most suitable one for your job.

We license our trucks for accidents, and we serve all of the Insurance Companies and most of the Repair Shops on the Gold Coast.

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