Why You Should Call A Tow Truck When Your Oil Light Is On

On the road there is one certainty – unexpected problems can crop up at any time. One common issue many drivers are unprepared for is their oil light coming on. When this happens, many wonder whether it is necessary to call a tow truck. This blog explains why your oil light may switch on, and why it’s essential to have your car towed immediately.

What does the oil light mean?

When your dashboard oil light comes on, it can signal one of several possibilities, including:

• A low oil level
• Lowered oil pressure
• Your car’s oil pressure unit malfunctioning
• Your oil pump needs replacing

These scenarios can be frustrating and downright dangerous, so do not ignore these warning signs.

What should I do?

Pull over once it is safe. Stop your car and turn off the engine. It’s very dangerous to keep driving when your oil light is on. It is possible (but not always likely) that your oil has run dry. If so, your car may suddenly stop and cause an accident. After pulling over, open the hood to check the oil level. Oil pressure shows how efficiently oil circulates around your engine.

If the oil pressure is low, the pump either isn’t circulating properly or your oil level is low. If there is insufficient pressurised oil moving through your engine, it can be severely damaged.

If you’ve checked the oil level and topped it up (if needed), get into the vehicle, start your engine and see if the light is red. If not, you’re able to start driving again. If the light’s red, call for a tow truck straight away. 

What exactly does a tow truck do?

A tow truck is designed to transport an inoperable vehicle to the owner’s home or a mechanic. Generally, the trucks are operated by emergency services or individual businesses. These vehicles are used for a variety of purposes. These include accident recovery, repossession or roadside assistance. The most common reason tow trucks are used for roadside assistance is when it is extremely unsafe to drive a car to a mechanic.

Why should I call a tow truck?

In pressing circumstances, calling for a tow truck is vital. For example, a roadside assistance technician can’t meet you, or it is not safe to drive your vehicle to a mechanic. And, as mentioned previously, we recommend calling a tow truck as soon as your oil light illuminates. Even if you have oil handy to top it up, having your car towed is still advisable. The reason for this is because you may have an oil leak.

If left undetected, an oil leak can cause irreversible damage to your engine. This, in turn, may result in your engine seizing up, and needing to be completely replaced.

To avoid an extremely costly repair job, call the experts at Mick’s Towing Service today!

If the tow isn’t an emergency, feel free to get a quote online if you don’t want to call.