What You Should Know About Crane Truck Hire on the Gold Coast

Crane truck hire on the Gold Coast might be required for a variety of reasons, but no matter why you need one, you can rely on Mick’s Towing Services to provide what is required. Our crane trucks can accommodate jobs both large and small and our drivers are well trained and equipped to take care of your needs. When you need more than just a tow job, our crane trucks are the obvious solution. Here’s what you need to know about hiring a crane. 

Why Use a Crane?

Sometimes the towing vehicle won’t allow you to finish a job properly and you need a bit more help. A crane allows you to lift something large and heavy and place it on the towing vehicle for transport. Our cranes are quite sturdy and durable and can lift 2.7 tons at 8 meters wide and 4.9 tons and 4 meters wide. Our cranes have a tray space of 7 meters by 2 ½ meters and can carry up to 14 tons at one time. That means we can do a wide range of jobs for your building project, moving needs and much more. 

Items to Use a Crane For

As you can see from reading above, our cranes can do pretty big jobs, even those that are quite heavy. There are many items that a crane comes in handy for moving. Some of the things you might move using our crane Truck hire include wood, steel, concrete slabs and machinery like compressors, generators and much more. That’s not all we can do though. If it fits on the tray and can be lifted onto the truck, we can move virtually anything you need to transport.  

How to Choose a Crane Truck Hire Company

We specialise in transport and towing of all kinds and there are several things we recommend looking for when you choose a crane company. You want to be sure the company, the trucks and the workers are insured so that if something happens, you aren’t liable for damage or injury. You’ll also love how well trained and educated our staff members are and how they are able to handle a wide variety of jobs with ease. We are also friendly and want to help you with anything you need to get done. 

When you need crane Truck hire on the Gold Coast to get your job done and your items moved, contact or call Mick’s Towing Service to request a quote