What Happens When You Overload A Trailer?

We’ve all been there. You need to move something from A to B but you don’t have as much space in your trailer as you thought you did. This leads to you overloading your trailer, stuffing in as much as you can to reduce the number of trips you need to make. However, there can be serious consequences if you overload a trailer.

Read on to find out more about some of the dangers of overloading a trailer and why you might better using a professional towing service instead.

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overloading a trailer

Damaged goods

One of the most obvious risks of overloading your trailer is that you could damage the goods you’re wanting to transport. Of course, when there’s too much in a trailer, your items will be exceeding the safe perimeter of your vehicle, hanging over the edges and potentially falling out into the road. If this happens on a busy road, you can’t exactly go back and pick them up. Those items are likely lost, and you might need to pay a significant amount to replace them. Plus, you may cause damage to other people’s vehicles, especially if your items contain glass and smash when they fall.

Danger of a car accident

An overloaded trailer can damage far more than the goods within it – it even puts your car at risk of a severe accident. The excessive weight in the back will press on the rear bumper, removing pressure from the front of the vehicle. By slightly raising the front wheels, your car’s contact patch is minimised. You will lose control over the steering of your car and perhaps even your ability to brake. This puts you, as well as other road users, in serious danger and can easily be avoided if you turn to our professionals for help.

Breaking the connection

Understanding the connection between a trailer and your vehicle is potentially the most important part of any towing process. By travelling with far too much weight in the trailer, you run the risk of severing this connection and losing all of your cargo. What’s more, you may find yourself rolling as you approach a corner, as the excessive load will increase the trailer’s centre of mass. Even if you’re lucky and this doesn’t happen, too much weight in your trailer is bound to cause damage to it in the long term, costing you more money to fix.

Use a professional service

If you have a significant amount to tow and don’t want to risk overloading your trailer, it’s important to hire a professional towing service. Using professionals such as Mick’s Towing Service will ensure that you’re able to transport everything safely and in good time. From small trailers to large buses, we can help you move all your cargo from A to B safely. If you’re interested in our towing services, get in touch with the team today to see how we can help you.