Vehicle Transport

Mick’s towing service specializes in the transport of cars throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. For the most accurate quote we’ll need the pickup address, delivery address and the make and model of the vehicle to be transported.

Mick’s drivers are fully qualified in the hook up, transportation, and delivery of cars and will pick up and deliver cars from Brisbane and the Gold Coast locally, interstate, and Australia wide.

Things to consider for car transport services of a non Driveable cars are,

–          Are pedal and hand brakes working?

–          Are keys available to prevent steering lock?

–          Are all wheels able to roll?

–          Is all the glass unbroken?

–          Is the alarm system deactivated?

–          Has the vehicle got a spoiler kit or is it lowered?

Contact Mick’s Towing Service today if you have any questions or for your free quote!