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Let the Super Tilt take the strain!

It’s bad enough when a car or truck breaks down and needs a tow, but what happens when your bus or HGV has an engine failure and leaves you stranded at the side of the road? That’s when our heavy towing service is essential. Although there are several options for moving inoperable large vehicles, one of the best choices is to use a Super Tilt. The team at Mick’s Towing is more than happy to answer any questions you have about our Super Tilt service. Get in touch. 


What is a Super Tilt?

A Super Tilt is a huge tilt tray that's towed behind a hefty primary mover. Wider and longer than a standard tilt tray, the Super Tilt is specifically designed to carry bigger vehicles. The Super Tilt that Mick's Towing uses measures a staggering 48ft! Designed with two decks (the top one measures 4m x 2.5m and the lower one measures 10.5m), the Super Tilt can be safely used to hold vehicles that lesser tilts just can't handle.

When should I use a heavy towing option?

Obviously, if your vehicle breaks down in the course of a journey and can't be fixed at the roadside, it needs to be transported elsewhere. Our heavy towing Gold Coast service is ideally placed to swiftly remove a large vehicle from the roadside, particularly if it's a hazard to other road users.

If your vehicle hasn't broken down on the road, there are still a number of other circumstances when heavy-duty towing is the way to go. Our Super Tilt comes in handy for the following uses:

  • If you've got heavy machinery on order, we can pick it up from the dock or railway station, then transport it on to its final destination.
  • For customers who have larger machinery that needs to be transported from one site to another, we can use our Super Tilt to get the job done.
  • When your truck or bus refuses to start at the depot, call us to arrange for it to be transported to the garage for repairs.
  • Buying or selling a boat, combine harvester or piece of industrial equipment? A Super Tilt could be just the thing to transfer it to its new home.


Our Super Tilt

Mick’s Towing’s Super Tilt can transport anything from Busses, 20’ and 40’ Containers, Machinery up to 32ton, Drill Rigs, Paving Machines, Trucks, 12metre Site Sheds and so much more.

  • Our Super Tilt is 48ft 4×4 Tilt ’n’ Slide Widener Tuff Trailer.
  • Carry Capacity: 32ton & Spreads: 3.5 metres.
  • Top Deck: 4m x 2.5m.
  • Bottom Deck 10.5m x 2.5m.


Heavy Towing FAQs

What is the maximum weight limit and spread for a Super Tilt?

The Super Tilt we use is capable of carrying up to 32tonnes, with a spread of up to 3.5m.

What can the Super Tilt carry?

Perfect for buses, machinery and trucks, a Super Tilt can also carry paving machines, 20' and 40' trucks, 12m site sheds and drill rigs.

Can Super Tilts attend roadside breakdowns?

Yes! If you are the driver of a larger vehicle that's broken down and it can't be repaired where it is, our Super Tilt can pick it up from the roadside.


Contact our team for further information about heavy towing or request a towing quote. Call for assistance.