Most Common Tyre Problems & Their Causes

Your car’s tyres are your one contact point with the road. Identifying the early signs of possible problems will help keep you, your passengers, and other motorists safe. It will also ensure the ongoing performance of your vehicle.

Be it a puncture, wear and tear, or misalignment, all motorists will experience tyre problems at some stage.

Here at Mick’s Towing Service, we’ve devised this guide to help clarify the most common tyre-based issues you may encounter. Identifying problems early so that they don’t become dangerous is of key importance.

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Closeup of a new tyre

Over-inflated Tyres

Overinflated tyres won’t perform as well as they should. Too much air (or nitrogen) can result in the tyre tread protruding so that the outer edges no longer make contact with the road. The reduction of tyre surface area being utilized makes for uneven wear and less reliable grip.

Under-inflated Tyres

Under inflation is a reasonably common problem. Many motorists are unaware of the impact that incorrect tyre pressure has on not only their driving experience but their safety, as well as that of their passengers and other drivers.

Under-inflated tyres can result in longer braking distance, aquaplaning, risk of under/oversteer, as well as a greater risk of puncture, amongst other things.

Oftentimes, the optimal tyre pressure is recorded in your vehicle’s handbook or on the inside of your petrol flap. Seek advice from a professional if unsure.

Cracked Rubber

Cracks often occur due to the breakdown of your tyre’s polymers. This phenomenon can be caused by intense heat, your tyre’s age, and even prolonged driving in wet conditions.

Tyre Bulges

Tyre bulges can appear after driving through potholes, or over debris, or hitting the curb. Good quality tyres are hardwearing, but when the internal structure sustains damage, it can result in a bulge that is visible on the surface. At this stage, the tyre must be replaced.


The gradual nature of tyre misalignment means it isn’t always simple to detect. Misaligned tyres will often wear unevenly. If your vehicle pulls to one side when you’re driving, this may be evidence of misalignment. Also, wear may show more prominently on the rear or front tyres. Always seek advice from a professional if unsure.


Punctures usually occur when debris penetrates the tyre deeply enough to pierce the air chamber. Road debris is usually invisible to the naked eye and almost impossible to avoid, meaning that you will experience a puncture at some stage in your life as a driver.

Punctures can also occur as the result of leaking valves, corrosion, split wheel rims, or simply due to the age of your tyres.

Wear and Tear

Even the best quality tyres wear out over time. Check your tyres often, and ensure that your tread is over 1.6mm. Tread that falls under this benchmark is no longer roadworthy, and it’s against the law to drive on it.

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