How To Transport Your Boat On The Gold Coast And Interstate

Getting your boat from point A to point B can be a frustrating task if you don’t know your options for doing so, especially if these points are in two separate states. You will understandably be worried about the practicality and the expense involved, alongside the possibility of something going wrong in the process that may damage your vessel. However, getting your boat from one state to another is no longer the arduous task it once was – so long as you take the right course of action, you can watch as your ship lands safely at the correct destination.

Table of Contents
Boat Transportation QLD to NSW

1. Select A Transportation Service

Plenty of people choose to strap or link their boat to their vehicle and drive it themselves – this could work out just fine, but you will certainly feel the added weight when it comes to petrol costs. On top of this, the trip may be an anxious one; accidents can happen, and it makes the interstate drive nerve-wracking.

For this reason, we recommend you hire a professional boat transportation service. They do these jobs regularly and have a far deeper understanding of the many practicalities involved in moving large craft such as boats.

2. Measure The Boat

It goes without saying that boats come in many shapes and sizes, and this can affect how difficult it is to transport the craft across state lines – this could translate to different price ranges depending on the boat’s size.

This means you have to measure your boat to get the most accurate quote for the transportation cost. It would be best for you to measure it yourself rather than relying on manufacturing documents, as these might be incorrect.

When measuring, you should include the bow’s pulpits, the motor brackets, and any components that you won’t disassemble for easy transport.

3. Prepare The Boat

While you can expect a professional service to transport your boat without any fuss, there are still things you can do to guarantee it will get to the destination in perfect condition. You must secure everything in the boat that needs to be in there; this means tying loose items down to erase even the small risk of losing them. If you need to do any disassembly to make the transportation easier, you should also take photographs to guide you for reassembling later. Alongside this, you should drain all fuel and water systems – especially in the winter to prevent them from freezing – depending on the climate of your location.

When you trust the right people and take all the necessary precautions, transporting your boat is much easier than you think – you can trust that it will land at the correct place in one piece.

Mick’s Towing Service has been transporting boats and other large craft across Australian states for decades now – with 24/ emergency towing and an extensive fleet at our disposal, you can be sure your boat is in good hands.

For more on our services and to see how much it would cost to take your vessel from one state to another, contact us today.