How To Transport Heavy Machinery To And From The Gold Coast

From excavators and bobcats through to cranes, diggers, farm machinery and more, working out how to transport heavy machinery to and from the Gold Coast can be challenging. It’s often the case that a particular piece of machinery is only needed for a few days or weeks to carry out one part of a project. When not in use, the machine will usually be stored at a depot or in suitably secure, weatherproof accommodation. When required, a heavy machine needs to somehow be transported to the project site, then returned when it’s no longer needed. Here we take a look at the key factors to consider when planning the transportation of heavy machinery, as well as describe the various options for heavy plant transportation that are available.

24 ton Excavator Transport Gold Coast


When deciding how best to transport a piece of plant, there are a number of considerations to take into account. Some of these include:

  • Deciding on a suitable route (for example, one that doesn’t have any low bridges or weight-limited roads).
  • Ensuring that an appropriate towing vehicle is selected. The vehicle not only needs to be able to transport machinery safely, but it also needs to be capable of negotiating every part of the route. This may include challenging terrain on the project site.
  • Making sure that the transportation team has the correct skills and knowledge to load and unload heavy equipment safely. If not correctly towed, your machinery could end up badly damaged. In addition, if the machinery tips or comes loose whilst on the road, the consequences could be severe. Note that muscular stress caused by poor lifting techniques or a similar disregard for safety is the leading cause of workplace injury. When transporting heavy machinery on the Gold Coast, using a team that has the experience to do the job safely is vital.
  • Insurance. It’s vital your machinery is appropriately insured whilst it’s being transported.
  • Flexible, responsive scheduling. It’s often the case that machinery needs to be transported to a site quickly, or removed promptly or unexpectedly. In such circumstances, it’s important to have access to a responsive towing company that can successfully work around your deadlines.

Options for transporting heavy machinery on the Gold Coast

There are three main options available to contractors or private individuals who wish to transport their heavy machinery: hire a tow truck and do the job yourself, drive the machinery where it’s needed or hire a professional tow truck and operator (such as us, here at Micks Towing Service) to do the job for you.

For the majority of people, using a professional outfit to take your machinery where it needs to go is often the cheapest, safest, and most convenient option. We have the right tow trucks and expertise to safely move heavy machinery of all shapes and sizes. Fully insured and capable of providing a flexible pick-up and drop-off service, Mick’s Towing Service provides a cost-effective, professional option for all your Gold Coast heavy towing needs.

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