How To Hire The Right Tow Truck

You were already having a bad day, and then to cap it off your car has broken down, or had an accident. Most drivers don’t even consider that they will have problems when driving, and this means that they are often caught unaware, and don’t know how to make sure that they hire the right tow truck on the Gold Coast. If you are prepared to plan ahead, then Mick’s Towing Service can give you a few tricks to making sure you get home safely.

Make sure they can tow you

Not all tow trucks can move every car, and if you have a particularly big car, or one which needs specialist attention, then you won’t be able to get out of the ditch by calling a small family company that only uses box trucks. Instead, you need to be upfront with the tow company, and ask them whether they have a flatbed that can help you.

Can you file an insurance claim?

You should also make sure that the tow company are able to offer you a service that can then be claimed on your insurance. Rather than waiting for roadside assistance, if you can find the right tow company, then you could claim insurance afterwards. Usually, companies like Mick’s Towing Service can work with you to file your insurance claim.

Can they get there quickly?

You don’t want to be waiting by the side of the road for hours while your tow truck gets you, so it makes sense to ask them how quickly they can be with you. Doesn’t make any sense to wait for a distant towing company to make it to your side. Instead, call Mick’s Towing Service when you are nearby.

Can they get you where you want to be?

You need to ask them where they will be able to take you. Sometimes, towing companies will transport you to a nearby repair shop, or to their repair facility. You can ask them to take you directly to your chosen location, and hopefully this will be sufficient.

What about the cost?

When you are stuck by the side of the road, and don’t have many choices, asking about the cost of a tow truck on the Gold Coast can seem a bit optimistic. At least make sure that they are able to offer you upfront costs before you ask them to come with you. If you want to know about our prices, contact Mick’s Towing Service through our online enquiry form, or for emergency towing, call 0411-715-630 now.