Truck Gallery

Mick’s Towing Service is fully licensed and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you get your truck anywhere it needs to go in the Gold Coast and Brisbane region. The truck pictures in this gallery show just a few of the trucks that Mick’s has transported. You can see that the transport experts at Mick’s have experience with every kind of truck out there, including his own!

It takes a lot of moving muscle to haul a 10 ton truck, and Mick’s has it! While you are browsing the truck images, pay special attention to the trucks that are doing the towing. Mick’s heavy-duty fleet consists of a semi with a drop deck trailer, four tilt tray trucks and a Ford F350 chase truck which enable the crew to transport trucks of up to 10 tons in weight. They are available any time for breakdowns, salvages, towing accidents and transport.