Drag Racing Crashes

Mick’s Towing Service has hauled enough wrecks off of the track to know that drag racing is not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of things that can cause drag car crashes. Something as simple as a broken bolt or small error by the pit crew can spell disaster for a drag car.

Drag CarConsidering the risk involved, it is surprising how few injuries and deaths occur in a drag race crash. Racers are passionate about what they do. They love their cars and go to any length necessary to take care of them. Cars are carefully transported to the track and given thorough inspections when they arrive. A good number of drag race crashes are prevented by careful loading, transporting and unloading of cars.

Once the car arrives at the track, it is inspected for any possible defects. The pit crew should know the car inside and out so they can make repairs quickly and as necessary. Lines and hoses that are not in perfect condition are replaced, tires are tested, and bolts are tightened. The crew works fast to make the car ready for ANDRA scrutineers.

ANDRA, the Australian National Drag Racing Association, is the association responsible for technical inspections at the track. Inspectors make sure that the car, crew and driver are compliant with rule book specifications and if a car does not meet the specs, it does not compete.

Inside the car, drivers are required to wear special clothing and/or safety gear. The types and amount of safety gear you need to wear is determined by the class of car you drive. Some race classes only require drivers to wear long sleeves, jeans, and a helmet. Others require more in depth measures such as arm restraints, multilayer fire suits, and gloves.

Most drag racing crashes can be prevented by proper handling and inspections of vehicles. Though it isn’t possible to prevent every drag racing crash, clothing, safety restraints, and car defects are usually the determining factor in how severe a driver’s injuries will be.

Read more about drag racing safety at ANDRA or at Surfers Paradise Drag Racing Association (SPDRA).