3 Most Common Towing Questions Answered

Towing of chevy truck on the Gold Coast

In the world of car and truck driving, towing might not be something that you have ever actually done yourself, but it is still something that people should have a general awareness and knowledge of, just in case they ever find themselves in a situation where towing might be needed. Here at Mick’s Towing Service,… [Read More]

How To Hire The Right Tow Truck

Car Towing Gold Coast

You were already having a bad day, and then to cap it off your car has broken down, or had an accident. Most drivers don’t even consider that they will have problems when driving, and this means that they are often caught unaware, and don’t know how to make sure that they hire the right… [Read More]

COVID-19 Information

We are open for business! Be assured we are taking precaution and following government restrictions and advice on COVID-19. We practice social distancing during all towing and transport services and follow hygiene regulations. We always have the health and safety of our staff and customers in mind.Please stay safe and practice social distancing and look… [Read More]

Is Towing Covered by Insurance?

Gold Coast Vintage Ute Towing

Who covers your car should be a concern for every driver in Australia. You might think that your insurance company will fully cover you for any problems that occur while you are driving, but sometimes you don’t have the right insurance, and when you need a tow truck on the Gold Coast you might not… [Read More]

Delivery Ute

Mick’s Towing Service have 2 x Delivery Utes equipped with a 300kg Tailgate lifter. These Utes are great for delivering smaller items to site and getting into tight areas. We get it done on time and reliably, going the extra distance to ensure your business projects and professional image leaves a positive impression. Some of the Services we… [Read More]