Most Common Tyre Problems & Their Causes

Closeup Of A New Tyre

Your car’s tyres are your one contact point with the road. Identifying the early signs of possible problems will help keep you, your passengers, and other motorists safe. It will also ensure the ongoing performance of your vehicle.Be it a puncture, wear and tear, or misalignment, all motorists will experience tyre problems at some stage.Here… [Read More]

What Happens When You Overload A Trailer?

overloading trailer

We’ve all been there. You need to move something from A to B but you don’t have as much space in your trailer as you thought you did. This leads to you overloading your trailer, stuffing in as much as you can to reduce the number of trips you need to make. However, there can… [Read More]

5 Common Causes Of Car Breakdowns

Broken Car On Country Road

Even with a full tank, your car could be at risk of breaking down if you are not looking after it properly. Your vehicle is made up of so many complex parts working in tandem with one another – any of these parts could develop a fault or be neglected in a way that could… [Read More]

How To Transport Heavy Machinery To And From The Gold Coast

24 ton Excavator Transport Gold Coast

From excavators and bobcats through to cranes, diggers, farm machinery and more, working out how to transport heavy machinery to and from the Gold Coast can be challenging. It’s often the case that a particular piece of machinery is only needed for a few days or weeks to carry out one part of a project…. [Read More]

Is Towing Included In Car Insurance?

Car Towing Gold Coast

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. You’ve just been involved in a car accident, and after making sure that everyone is OK, exchanging details with anyone else involved, and possibly calling the police, you realise that your car is not drivable and is going to need to be towed.Whether or not you will have to pay for… [Read More]

How Much Weight Can a Tow Truck Lift?

super tilt heavy towing 25t excavator

Tow trucks come in a range of ratings, depending on their towing capacity and their own weight. Smaller, lighter tow-trucks handle the most basic and lightweight loads, while much bigger vehicles deal with the situations where a small truck isn’t going to cut it.There are three types of tow truck you need to know about,… [Read More]

What You Need to Know about Heavy Towing

super tilt heavy towing 25t excavator

Most people don’t need a heavy towing service, but those that do, should know what it involves and what limitations it holds. Luckily, there aren’t many limitations. Anybody that needs to move heavy machinery that isn’t mobile, in agriculture, industry or construction, will need the services of a heavy towing company at some time to… [Read More]