5 Common Causes Of Car Breakdowns

Even with a full tank, your car could be at risk of breaking down if you are not looking after it properly. Your vehicle is made up of so many complex parts working in tandem with one another – any of these parts could develop a fault or be neglected in a way that could cut your journey short.

Here are a few common car breakdown causes for you to be aware of so that you can deal with them if they arise or prevent them from occurring in the first place.

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Man Looking At A Broken Car On The Road

1. Faulty Battery

If your car struggles to start when you turn the key (or your battery warning light shines), then you could have a failing battery on your hands. They usually last for about five years, but frequent short journeys can cause them to wear out quicker.

It is possible to extend a battery’s lifespan with a trickle charger, but you may still have to replace it wholesale. Alternatively, if your battery has any grime on it that might inhibit its function, this can be helped with special products.

2. Alternator Issues

On a similar note, the alternator uses the engine itself to power the battery – if this fails for any reason, then even a new battery will not solve it.

If your car’s internal or external lights are weaker than expected, this could point to a dying alternator. It cannot be maintained, so it is important to get roadside assistance if you suspect alternator trouble.

3. Flat Tyre

This might seem like an obvious suggestion, but it is something that can creep up on any of us. Even if you do not drive over something that can damage your tyres, they can still wear away with use.

You must check your tyres regularly, making sure they have the right pressure and tread depth for your vehicle. In case of an accident, always have a spare tyre on hand – it could be what gets you home.

4. Lost Keys

This is also arguably a cliché, but it happens – whether you misplace them or accidentally leave them in your car.

Roadside assistance services can usually help with key issues, but the only real way to circumvent this would be to have a spare key at all times.

5. Lack of Engine Oil

Your car’s engine is lubricated by oil, but the wrong amount would wreak havoc. Too little, and the unlubricated engine may be damaged by the grinding parts. Too much and the excess is aerated, creating a foamy substance that will not do the job.

To avoid this, it is important to make sure your oil level is correct using a dipstick – there are usually two ‘lines’ on it to guide you on the right amount.

There is an unfortunate number of avoidable ways that you might end up with a sudden breakdown on the road, but Mick’s Towing Service is available in South East Queensland 24/7 in case this does happen. We bring close to 30 years of experience to the table, so give us a call on 0411 715 630 if you need us.